Monday, April 21, 2008

Sisterhood of the Fairy Slippers

"Sisterhood of the Fairy Slippers" is a group project presented by Carol S. on PaperWhimsy Art Forum. Everyone used the same slipper pattern and presented a handmade pair of fairy slippers with a display. What a wonderful project. My slippers were for Irene, Scottish Sewing Faerie.

My title: Scottish Faerie Sewing Room

My little story: Scottish Faerie lives in the woods on the Island of Mull, just off Scotland. There she has a little wooden hut, brightly painted so the other faeries can find her when they need mending or a new party frock. She mostly loves to sew with wool fabrics and threads, her favorites being plaids. When she's not mending or sewing, she's tending to her precious little garden.

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misspvc said...

Love your Scottish slippers! just lovely!!!!
huge hugs
Patti V