Sunday, August 15, 2010


"Little Red Riding Hood"... remember her?  Whew... over the years, so much has been written about this little miss and her adventures... analyzing, what if-ing, dissecting the plot to pieces.  Just another one of the scary fairy tales that was read to us and probably by us, over and over again during childhood.  And, how about the endings?  You be the judge.  (wink)
This is my page in a "Vintage Poster" deco. 


Anonymous said...

Such a cute poster, looks like a fun deco! PS - Love your new blog design!

Barb said...

What a "happy" interruption.

Junibears said...

Hi there PlumCat,
Thank you for visitting and following.
Isn't it lovely how we can meet new friends this way?
I've had a lovely browse on your blog and you do some really wonderful work.
June xxspladia

Francine said...

Love all your wonderful, creative, things on your blog. Hugs, Francine

Laura Knight said...

Love the styling of that slightly creepy old poster, Art Deco is simply the best! Love the colours of this as well. It'd look so pretty hanging on a wall.