Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Paper Mache Postcard

"Alice in Wonderland
How did you get to Wonderland?" 
Over the hill or underland
Or just behind a tree

When clouds go rolling by
They roll away and leave the sky
Where is the land behind the eye
People cannot see
Where can you see

Where do the stars go
Where is the crescent moon
They must be somewhere in the sunny afternoon

Alice in Wonderland
Where is the path to Wonderland
Over the hill or here or there
I wonder where


Otter Blue said...

Great AIW postcard! Marnie

Tolegranny said...

This is lovely Mary Ann.

DeeJae said...


I've enjoyed looking around your blog at all your art. Your vintage art is lovely. I also enjoyed the inchies and altered furniture. That gives me an idea for a little table that my grandfather gave me.

I found you through the "Blog Hop".