Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Life To Castaways

An old wooden side table, decoupaged with many layers of papers, scrap, inks, paints with the famous painting "Curiosity", in the style of Marie Antoinette. Many, many layers, heavily crackled, then several coats of varnish.
Wooden box that opens to display a mirror such as might be found on a dressing table. The box is altered on all sides with vintage sewing images. On closer study, you might note J.P. Coats & Clark thread chart, various vintage sewing machine company labels. Vintage roses are decoupaged on so that the ladies may have pleasant surroundings whilst they work. The finish is heavy crackle.
This is a bisque vase, ceramic coated inside that was painted with an old gold shade, then collaged with vintage sheet music, images, and but of course, roses!
This is a strange little item.. a wooden book with a secret drawer. It has been decorated with the theme of a dictionary definition of the word "graceful...". Lots of silk ribbons, roses and a blurb of an old Scottish poetess, taken from an actual vintage book.

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Anna said...

Nice to see the pics a little bigger, these are really gorgeous!