Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Victorian Romance Fan Swap~Paper Whimsy

Have to say....

This is probably the most successful swap/joint venture I've ever participated in! Yep... no kiddin'. This was on the then, Yahoo "PaperWhimsy" group, now related to their own group site.

This was the Victorian Romance Fan Group (colors were: red, cream, pink). Other groups had themes such as Paris Lights, and each group, had a different set of colors to work with. We each made 5 fans, sent one to each of our partners, hence the gorgeous collection you see above. Each fan blade was made by a different artist.

The fifth fan blade from each of us was sent to the Charity Leader of the group, and was assembled to be later auctioned off for a charity. My group was great: Carol S, Patti V, Linda K, Angelina (Charity Leader) besides myself. My blade is the second from the left in the picture above.

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misspvc said...

I just noticed you had a link to your blog....I loved working on this swap as well!!! I love your blade! it's a lovely display that I have up and am going to leave up all year! We can all use a little Romance!
huge hugs
Patti V