Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Blog, New Day

It's a great feeling to have the opportunity to begin something new, to have the clean slate... like "another chance" to get it right. Well, could be... this time I'm hoping to focus... not the camera, not my attention but to focus this blog on mixed media art and, of course, the felines.

You see, it's been a struggle for the longest time to figure out... am I a painter? collage artist? quilt maker? needleworker? beader? recycler of all bits and scraps (more commonly known as ephemera)? Oh gosh, let me stop here... I do all these things, and more. Yes, just like you! Only, I've been beating myself about the head and neck for sometime trying to get myself to focus in one area. Never happen.

So now, I'm going to call whatever it is I do, "mixed media" and stop trying to climb into this art-type mold of painter or whatever. I love it all and I'm sure you know what I'm talkin' about. When you love it all, you just love it all.

And yes, if someone looked into my little tiny art room, they would never guess what really goes on there... scraps, bits, old books, paints, inks, canvas, muslin, glues, tapes, transparencies, threads, beading pliers, pens, wood planks, ribbons, charms, deli sheets, watercolors, doll patterns, markers, fabric, paper punches, sprays, eight different kinds of rulers, cardboard, drillpress and so on and so on... I'll bet it sounds familiar to you too. And I just can't wait to get back in there again.

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